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Strategic International Partner

This project is interconnected and integrated with a variety of industries; hence, SNAM was keen on offering the participation opportunity to many industrial and trading partners. Participation could be in financial contribution, investment or through a partnership in the establishment of joint ventures with SNAM and other Korean companies that wish to establish local factories in the Kingdom. SNAM prepared an integrated database for all companies and industrialists who have the ability and desire to invest and work as key partners in this mega project.



To achieve these strategic objectives with an absolute high quality and sustainable efficiency, it has been agreed upon the selection of SsangYong Motor Company as the strategic partner in this ambitious national project. SsangYong Motor Company located in South Korea is an SUV specialized automaker with more than sixty years of history. With a full SUV line-up, SsangYong has over 20% market share in the Korean SUV market and is exporting to more than 100 countries worldwide. Since SsangYong has outstanding global experience in the automotive industry, all the technical factors will be provided by SsangYong and its global industrial partners from South Korea.